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HOME · Welcome. This is my earlier site (~1997 to 2010); my new website is now here but some stuff remains on the scorpioncity site. - David Joffe

Welcome. Stay and browse.

I'm a programmer / artist / game developer etc. and co-founder of TshwaneDJe software.

This used to be my old homepage, which dates back probably from around ~1997. Earlier version was on GeoCities, if anyone remembers that!


New location for my main art page »

Drawing of Melissa by the Stairs (Pencil) 2019
Pet Portrait Lulu - Oil on Canvas 8x8 - David Joffe - 2014.jpg
Portrait (Pencil) 4yo girl
Baby Portrait - Pencil Sketch A5 - 2013
Cat - Pencil 1994

Crash Gallery

Back in the '90s, Windows had a reputation for relatively poor stability - I used to collect screenshots here, for amusement (but no longer do):

Don't take this too seriously. To Microsoft's credit, more modern versions of Windows are far more stable.

crash gallery

The official version of this gallery is now hosted here.

QBasic/QuickBasic Stuff

These days I mainly program in C++, but my first 'serious' programming language was QBasic/QuickBasic, which I started around ~1992. Here are a few of my very old programs from those early days (Minesweeper, Sokoban and a few other odds and ends):

qbasic sokoban screenshot

I still have hundreds of other old early programs of mine.