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Y2K for Conmen -- The Year 2000 Computer Problem: What Every Conman/Conwoman Needs to Know and How to Keep You and Your Family Wealthy

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Y2K For Conmen
This is my parody of the front page of the 1999 Y2K For Women site.

Y2K Conmen

"What's the Big Deal About Y2K?"
The Year 2000 Computer Problem:
What Every Conman Needs to Know and
How to Keep Him/Herself and his/her Family in the Money

Especially For Conmen

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Introduction: How I Found Out About Y2K

What Is The
Year 2000 Problem?

How Does the Y2K
Problem Affect You?

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Y2K for Conmen has been mentioned in several publications and articles in The Press Room.

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Y2K for Conmen -- Home

Welcome to Y2K Conmen -- the Year 2000 Problem Site Exclusively Designed for Conmen and other ripoff artists

Many people (men and women alike) don't know how to handle an overwhelming problem like Y2K -- a situation that's riddled with change and anxiety. So they, in essence, "shut down" and don't even want to think about it, let alone make any plans!

You can take advantage of these people! This book will show you how.

Y2K For Conmen is designed to explain the Year 2000 Problem (Y2K) to conmen who have no, or very limited, computer knowledge, but still want to make money from it.

Most of the current Y2K Web sites are written by people who tend to be focused on how to try and "fix" the problem -- they tend to be more analytical and emphasize the "big picture." In other words, they actually try to inform people by providing them with real information. Y2KConmen teaches you to avoid the technical side of the Y2K problem, heck, the more you keep people in the dark, the deeper you can dig into their pockets! Very rich people like Bill Gates know this, and how to use it to their advantage. Now you can also learn. My goal is to focus on the practical side of the problem -- making money off of Y2K.

So I designed a Y2K Ripoff Checklist you can use to walk through each step of your plan, to make sure you haven't missed anything crucial to pulling the wool over peoples eyes.

One of the questions I keep hearing over and over is, "Where do I start?" The obvious answer to that is, "start with buying my book".

I believe that there is a sucker born every minute. These people have needs and fears that you can play on, and then take their money. My book will take you through all the steps - from creating a bogus product that people don't really need, to the fearmongering required to make people believe they really need your product.

You're probably asking yourself now, "why are you giving away your secrets? Why don't you use them to make lots of money?" Well, I figured that with Y2K we have a unique opportunity - there is just so much money to be made, I felt I just had to share my knowledge. I mean, the fearmongering in the media alone has put millions of people in a panic, with phrases like "the end of the world" and "nuclear meltdown" being tossed around liberally. Heck, this is a con-artists paradise. Why keep that to myself?

I provide many ideas for bogus products - from setting up a "y2k computer testing and upgrading shop", to selling "survival kits", and even writing "y2k survival" books on the topic! Any one of these can make money - but can also fail, if not done just right. My book will help you set up everything you need to make sure your venture succeeds.

I know that when there is a crisis, people stop thinking objectively, and con artists are the first to come out and take advantage of that. In closing, no matter what happens, whether there are serious Y2K problems or if (more likely) Y2K turns out to be just minor inconveniences, there is money to be made.

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Y2K Report LIVE -- Listen to the Experts

"Always Remember: Free As in Free Speech, not Free Beer."

(This is retarded lawyer stuff!)

This site is in no way affiliated with They definitely did not authorise this (duh, as if anyone is so stupid that they couldn't figure that out.)

This is intended to be a parody of It is not intended to slander their site in any way, or try prevent you from buying what might be a good book, I dunno. What the hell else am I supposed to put in this disclaimer? If you take this site seriously, then you must be pretty damn thick. It sure isn't my problem if you come to any harm or anything from reading my site.

By the way, here are the embedded keywords for the original site. This should speak for itself.

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Who put up this site? David Joffe.