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Y2K for Women -- The Year 2000 Computer Problem: What Every Woman Needs to Know and How to Keep Herself and Her Family Safe

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Y2K For Women
This is a copy of the original front page of (now gone) for which I did this small parody: Y2K For Conmen.

Y2K Women

"What's the Big Deal About Y2K?"
The Year 2000 Computer Problem:
What Every Woman Needs to Know and
How to Keep Herself and Her Family Safe

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Introduction: How I Found Out About Y2K

What Is The
Year 2000 Problem?

How Does the Y2K
Problem Affect You?

How to Keep Your
Family Safe

Being Prepared:
Answers to
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The Busy Woman's Y2K Home Preparedness Checklist

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Y2K for Women -- Home

Welcome to Y2K Women -- the Year 2000 Problem Site Exclusively Designed for Women

Many people (men and women alike) don't know how to handle an overwhelming problem like Y2K -- a situation that's riddled with change and anxiety. So they, in essence, "shut down" and don't even want to think about it, let alone make any plans!

Y2K For Women is designed to explain the Year 2000 Problem (Y2K) to women who have no, or very limited, computer knowledge, how it impacts women personally, what women can do, and FAQs (frequently asked questions).

Most of the current Y2K Web sites are written by men and (IMHO) tend to be focused on how to try and "fix" the problem -- they tend to be more analytical and emphasize the "big picture." Y2KWomen doesn't deal with the technical side of the Y2K problem; my goal is to focus on the practical side of the problem -- where the rubber meets the road -- and how this will impact our families and us. So I designed a Home Preparedness Checklist you can use to walk through each room of your house to make sure you haven't missed anything in your Y2K preparations.

One of the questions I keep hearing over and over is, "Where do I start?" So I decided to put together a list of resources that I've checked out personally and feel comfortable recommending so you can understand the Y2K problem and the implications for us as women -- whether we're single women, wives, grandmothers, sisters or whatever role we happen to be in. (These include my own products as well, <blush> including my new book Y2K for Women: How to Protect Your Home and Family in the Coming Crisis.)

Y2Kwomen also provides a free electronic newsletter (e-zine) "Dear Karen" where some of the tough emotional concerns can be addressed -- like the communication problems many women face with people they care about. Plus, there's a Y2Kwomen chat room where you can talk with other women and exchange ideas 24 hours a day!

I believe that since women have the primary focus of the home, their needs and issues are different! If you know of anything that might be helpful for women, or if you come across anything you think would be good for mothers to know, I'd love to hear about it. Just email me at

I know that when there is a crisis, women are the first to help and encourage one another. In closing, no matter what happens, whether there are serious Y2K problems or if Y2K turns out to be just minor inconveniences, there is always hope. We need to pray and ask for God's strength to handle whatever happens together.

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