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Doiley Slider-piece Puzzle Game for Windows (Win 95 through to Windows 10)

screenshot of slider puzzle game

Doiley, a 15-piece slider puzzle implementation (... yawn! ...). (The bird is a watercolor painting of mine)

Executable: 57 K

C++ Source: 64 K

OK, so it's Yet Another version of that stupid 15-piece sliding puzzle. But at least this one looks nice :)

Not only that, but it includes a nifty, if incomplete and undocumented, crappy LED display C++ class, which you may feel free to use in your own programs if you can figure it out. It's quite flexible; it can handle all sorts of things, I don't think. If you do use it, I would appreciate it if (a) you devoted a small spot to me in your credits, and (b) you let me know if you use it, and possibly show me what you've used it in.

Installation instructions: You'll need something that can open zipfiles, e.g. WinZip or WinME. Unzip the file ( In it is only one file, Doiley.exe. Put it wherever you like; it doesn't create any other files. To run it, double-click on it in Explorer, or get to it from My Computer and double click on the icon. Sorry I can't have any fancier installs, but it's not much of a program anyway.

Known issues: It doesn't look so hot if you're in a 256 colour mode.

Exciting news (27 May 2001): Doiley version 1 has been released! I have promoted the software from version 0.95 to version 1 status! Of course I never actually changed anything, apart from updating the extremely outdated email address and web URL in the about box, and changing an MFC icon. But the program seems stable enough so what the heck.

News (24 Aug 2017): This application now has a github repository (slider_puzzle).

This game was just a little 'afternoon programming exercise' I did some decades ago.

Oh yes - don't ask me about the name "Doiley" :-)